The Great Reset

The great acceleration of disruption is here to stay. Are you ready?

COVID-19 has driven large-scale change across a short period — more than most have seen in their lifetime. Re_Set is ready to help businesses navigate through this unprecedented disruption and come out stronger than ever. 

_The Great Lockdown


In June 2020, the IMF stated that the COVID-19 pandemic is “a crisis like no other”. 


The lockdowns have had a universal impact. Global growth projections were reduced by 3% within months. Nine trillion dollars of the cumulative output of Germany and Japan’s GDP was expected to be lost through 2021. In the US, jobless claims soared past previous recession levels.

_Disruption is here to stay


In June of this year, Re_Set conducted a survey to measure the impact that our clients and supporters feel that the pandemic has made. 79% agree their organisation has never experienced such disruption. 16% say most companies in their industry are fighting for survival.


It is clear that the changes forced by the pandemic will alter the global face of business forever. Nothing will remain unchanged.

_The innovation imperative


Here at Re_Set, we have been stating the importance of global innovation from the start, setting trends that have emerged largescale during the lockdown. 


In our survey, we discovered that 82% think the crisis has made them realise the importance of innovation in their business, and 78% say this could be an extraordinary opportunity — if approached correctly. 


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_Are you ready?


We specialise in understanding what’s next through the lenses of innovation and sustainability, and how to make change happen at pace.