Rewilding: Tapping into the power of nature — 1% for the Planet

Rewilding: Tapping into the power of nature — 1% for the Planet

We’re proud members of 1% for the Planet, and are also members of its UK Steering Committee. We’re excited to invite you to the following free webinar event.

How rewilding can help fight the climate crisis, boost biodiversity, mitigate flooding and reconnect us to nature.

Thu, 29 October 2020
12:00 – 13:00 GMT


About this Event

1% for the Planet has invited Rewilding Britain‘s Chief Executive, Rebecca Wrigley, to explain what rewilding is and its role in allowing flora and fauna to find a natural balance.

She will walk us through rewilding projects and show their impact.

The charity Rewilding Britain wants rewilding to flourish across Britain — to tackle the climate emergency and extinction crisis, reconnect people with the natural world, and help individuals and communities thrive with new opportunities.

Rewilding can:

  • Reverse the loss of biodiversity in large core areas of land and sea
  • Restore ecosystems to a functional and resilient state
  • Reignite people’s passion for the natural world
  • Revitalise local economies in ways that work ecologically
  • Reintegrate nature and society for the benefit of both
  • Reintroduce key missing species where it makes sense

After her talk, there will be a chance for you to ask Rebecca questions.

The event will be introduced by James Bidwell, Chair of Re_Set and the UK 1% Steering Committee, and facilitated by Fred Clarke of MOJU.

Rewilding Britain and Rewilding Europe are both nonprofit partners of 1% for the Planet.


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