Podcast: James Bidwell on Founders365 With Steven Haggerty

Podcast: James Bidwell on Founders365 With Steven Haggerty

Our co-founder James Bidwell is featured on the latest episode of the Founders365 podcast, hosted by Steven Haggerty. Continue reading for more info and to listen or watch.

From Founders365:

In 2015, James Bidwell became CEO and owner of innovation portal Springwise Intelligence, described by Seth Godin as “almost too good to share”. James is also Founding Partner of RE_SET, the innovation and digital transformation boutique consultancy, created for the disruption economy.

James is the author of “Disrupt! 100 Lessons in Business Innovation” published by Hodder and Stoughton 2017 Operating at the nexus of global change James brings deep experience and insight into digital, brand and innovation across all organizational disciplines at a time of unprecedented uncertainty and opportunity. At Springwise, James is immersed in the global innovation community with deep insight into the newest and most transformative new businesses and innovations from every corner of the world. Springwise Innovation Snapshots have become a must-read for CEOs, innovators, investors, educators and corporates from all sectors.

Founders365 is hosted by business coach Steven Haggerty and shares 365 insights from 365 founders during 2020.

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